JustinAmerica http://www.justinboots.com/JustinAmerica JustinAmerica JustinAmerica 100 100 http://www.justinboots.com/images/JustinAmerica.png http://www.justinboots.com/JustinAmerica en-us Wed, 26 Nov 2014 17:47:05 -0600 JustinAmerica Share Your Boot Story I think it was 1979 when I purchased my Ladies Signature Edition ostrich boots. The box and certificate says there were only 250 pairs made and each were signed by John S. Justin, Jr. They have the state of Texas on the front with a 14 carat gold star and rose cut diamond placed at the location of Spanish Fort, Texas where John S. Justin's grandfather began his boot making in 1879. We recently downsized to a condo and I found the box with my like-new boots inside! I wore them to the opening of our new Polo Pavilion for the Aiken Polo Club in Aiken, SC this afternoon and received many compliments. They are still beautiful and comfortable!

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Share Your Boot Story - My New Western Boots In 1991, I moved to Chicago to take a new job and was professionally moved. I arrived first, then the movers showed up. We unloaded for a few hours straight, taking the stuff in and leaving it where ever, so I wouldn't hold up their departure. I went to get us some pizza, while the guys got cleaned up and ready to roll. Once we had eaten and had a few beers they thanked me for the job and food. After they had rolled the big rig van out, I found a New pair of black Justin Bent Rail, pointed toe boots, (and they fit). Best boots I've ever worn!   Submitted by Ned from Newport News.   Share your boot story for your chance to win a new pair of boots.

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Share Your Boot Story- Almost Gone I had a pair of Aged Bark Original Workboots and I loved these boots. I wore them everywhere: fancy dinners, huntin', fishin', didn't matter, they were on. While I was stationed in Florida with the U.S. Coast Guard, I went fishing with a couple of buddies and I hooked a decent size snapper and my line got caught on the rocks. So rather than lose the fish and deal with my friends busting my chops, into the water I went boots and all. I rinsed them off and put them in the back of my truck to dry. We went back to the shore line to clean up, and when I came back to the truck, my boots were gone. I thought my friends were playing a joke on me by hiding them. I asked them where my boots were and they claimed they didn't know, so I played along. We were about to leave and I asked again. They said they didn't t mess with them, and they were serious. Obviously someone needed them more than me. After I had come to terms that my beloved boots had walked off on someone else's feet, I began my search looking for my new pair. I had to of looked in every store from Cape Canaveral to my place in Georgia, nowhere had my size or style that I wanted. I called one store in Snellville, GA called Horsetown, about a 30 minute drive from my house. They told me they had one pair left so I jumped in the truck and tore tail to get there. I got there and tried them on- perfect fit! I walked outta there with new boots on my feet. Here's where the almost gone part comes in- a couple of friends and I took a trip to Mudfest in Milledgeville, GA. They have a mud-run through the pit and sure enough I had to run; probably should have taken the boots off, but I thought, "What better way to break 'em in than some good ole' Georgia red clay?". I had run slap outta them boots, I won the race, but when I turned around to get my boots, I only saw one. I searched all through the mud pit and couldn't find it. After about 20-30 minutes of looking, I saw the top corner of it barely sticking out of the mud. I grabbed it and it was full of mud.  Just to celebrate that I didn't lose that pair, I dumped the boot full of mud right on to my head. I still have those boots 2 years later and they fit as good as ever. I am now deployed overseas in the Middle East and I wear them proudly in my off time. Thank you to all the boot makers for making such a great pair of boots. I'll never wear anything other than the Original Justin's. Submitted by: Andrew from Monroe Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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One To Watch- Justin Adams We are excited to announce Justin Adams, as this month's "One to Watch". Adams is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, where he played college football on a full scholarship. After his days on the football field were done, Justin moved to Nashville in 2010 to pursue his first love: music. The country singer has had recent success with his debut EP, Justin Adams, which reached No. 4 on the iTunes Country charts and Top 50 in all genres last summer. Justin co-wrote each of the five songs on the self-titled EP and uses his music as a way to share his life experiences.

Justin, a Bixby, Oklahoma native, is an artist who discovered his love for music at an early age. Adams began playing the guitar, piano, and drums at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back since. The singer, known for his high-energy performances and rock n' roll edge, has recently been seen on the road touring with Craig Morgan, Joe Nichols and Eli Young Band.

With his talent and charisma, we are sure Justin Adams will go far! Be sure to support our "One to Watch" by "liking" him on Facebook and following him on Twitter. For additional Justin Adams updates, stop by www.justinadamscountry.com.

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Share Your Boot Story- $2 Boots I was at a yard sale in in El Paso. A pair of boots caught my eyes. The lady asked for $2, but I gave her $5 because of the soles. They were comfortable. In addition, a friend made them even more comfortable and resoled them for me.
When I get on my motorcycle, my $2 boots are on.
Great boots from a big name company. $2 attracted me to continue to purchase from Justin. Submitted by: Brian from El Paso Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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Share Your Boot Story- American Made, American Tough I was at my friends house hanging out in the backyard in southern California because of college. We saw some smoke coming from the street and a tire was on fire under my truck. I ran out there and kicked that tire while it was burning at least a 4 foot flame. I remember telling the guys it was alright because I had boots on. The tire got caught around my boot, but I got it off in the middle of the street. I remember saying, "Man my boot is done...". A Couple of weeks went by, and I just started wearing them again.The burn mark just adds character. Nothing can beat the quality that these boots have. Made proudly in the good 'ole USA. Submitted by: William from San Bernardino Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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Share Your Boot Story- Feet Saved My wife and I were on our way to the store when a drunk driver ran a red light and t-boned us on my side of the car while I was driving. Even though they had to cut my boots off of my feet they saved my ankles from being crushed during the impact of the crash. Thank you all so much for the great product. Submitted by: Robert from Marion, VA Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy: Feeling At Home Since moving to Texas to attend school in the fall of 2007 it has become a second home; I have an apartment I rent in Lubbock, TX that my son calls, “Daddy’s house,” and with all my pictures, furniture and time spent there with my son, it has become a home. So winning the home town rodeo, Lubbock’s ABC Rodeo at the end of March was a long awaited success. When the crowd cheered louder for their Red Raider alumni as I posted an 83 to win the bareback riding I felt very at home.

As rodeos slowed down to one or two weekly for the next month I began to enjoy the road less and my Lubbock home more as my hot streak seemed to stop. I even got the downtime to indulge my artistic side sketching as I drew a picture of my Lubbock performance, (the sketch accompanying this blog). Knowing well all it takes to get things feeling right again I began to anticipate my return to Canadian soil for some of the first rodeos of the Canadian Pro Rodeo season. The familiarity of the Canadian rodeos, coupled with the excellent breeding programs of Canadian stock contractors make CPRA rodeos very enjoyable and often profitable.

I rode in Coleman, AB first, though I didn’t place there I made a great feeling ride that had my confidence up going into Dawson Creek, BC’s rodeo where I rode Calgary Stampede’s Reckless Margie to the tune of 85 and a third place check. From there I toured down to Camrose, AB, which was my first pro rodeo back in 2007, and like in 2007 I rode to the pay window with an 81.5. Camrose was particularly enjoyable as it allowed me to catch up with my parents whom I hadn’t seen since New Year's.

In this game, comfortability, not to be mistaken with contention, leads to confidence in one’s self: much as the comfortability of your Justin Boots helps you feel sure footed. Knowing you’ve been somewhere and done well eases the tension of doing well even when the checks have been coming in slow. Now that Canadian rodeos will be growing in frequency I look forward to commuting back and forth riding my favorite stock at my favorite rodeos on both sides of the border, in arenas I feel at home.

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One To Watch- Green River Ordinance
This month, Justin is featuring a band that formed in our back yard- Green River Ordinance. GRO started off touring in local Texas venues, at different colleges, and at their high school, but that quickly evolved into a much high scale. Two of their singles ended up in the Billboard top 40 which led them to open for musicians such as Bon Jovi, Train, Zac Brown Band, Counting Crows, and The Goo Goo Dolls.

These guys came together as friends and brothers, about 10 years ago, wanting to start a band. Their original focus was making great music, and that is exactly what they been doing. GRO has released two full length albums that gained national recognition on the Billboard Top 100 chart. Green River Ordinance continues to challenge the definitions of music genres with their music easily classifying as country, rock, pop, and folk, but their music will speak to your soul and make you want to dance. GRO's newest release, "Chasing Down The Wind", showcases that ability in their songs. GRO front-man, Josh Jenkins, said, "This album is our most honest and hopeful songwriting yet, and we couldn't be happier about it".

The guys of Green River Ordinance are laid-back, authentic Texans and so are we, so it makes for a perfect fit! They are a one-of-a-kind group with great potential and we're excited to see just how far they go. Make sure to support our current "Ones to Watch", Green River Ordinance, by "liking" them on Facebook and following them on Twitter and Instagram. Also, check their music out at www.greenriverordinance.com.

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Get the Look: Precious Metals Glam metallics were everywhere on the ACM red carpet. Here's how to dress it down. Dress, bag and necklace from Kohl’s. Boots from Justin.

JA5341ece234673 Sun, 6 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0500
Red carpet? More like purple. We're seeing a lot of guys in the royal color this year.

, watch and tie from Kohl's. Boots from Justin.

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Get the Look: Show Off Cut-outs really had a moment on the ACMs red carpet.   Give the look an everyday twist with a dress, backpack and bangles from Kohl’s and boots from Justin.

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Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy: Winter Run As the winter run comes to a close I feel invigorated by my love of the game. After making 5 major rodeo short go rounds, (Denver, Fort Worth, San Angelo, Austin and Houston), and placing in 12/16 PRCA rodeos, I sit 14th in the Bareback Riding World Standings.

I've made some miles, every one of them driven, and had some stellar feeling bareback rides. Some of my favorites rides came in Texas at San Angelo and Mercedes. In San Angelo I came in to the short go tied for 9th and low score in the average with an 81. I drew Fancy Free, a Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo horse.
Fancy Free reared up in the chute, slipping free of her neck rope in the process, seeing this I nodded my head as soon as I had my seat.

Fancy Free fired forward out into arena, bailing up on the front end and kicking out the back, as the ride went on I felt her dropping harder and harder, but my Justin's were hammering at the mane line clear to the whistle. My 85 was second in the round and it raised me from 9th to 3rd in the average.

Mercedes was made memorable by the smooth enjoyable bucking of Lancaster and Pickett's horse Peppermint and the stunning 75th anniversary buckle my 83 earned me. Mercedes isn't the biggest rodeo out there but the committee has continued to impress me with their efforts to put on a good rodeo, put up great prizes and their treatment of the cowboys.

I hope to continue my consistency and successes as the season goes on and look forward to many more enjoyable buckers and well organized rodeos.

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Share Your Boot Story- Suburban Cowgirl Remember the movie Urban Cowboy? Once upon a time on the East Coast, a single suburban 20-something Virginia girl got hooked on all things western after watching that movie. When I visited my friend in Fort Worth back around 1980/81 and made a visit to Billy Bob's, I learned to 2-step and bought me some eel-skin boots, size 7-1/2. Fast-forward to 30 years of marriage, 3 grown children, a few repairs here and there (to the boots though I probably could use a few myself) and feet now size 9! And guess what, I can still wear them! Yes, one of my toes is coming through one side, but they stretched with me and still fit like a glove! I won't give them up without a fight! Submitted by: Laura from Alexandria Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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Ones To Watch- Cale Dodds This month's pick for Justin's country artist is Cale Dodds. Cale is an extremely talented, young artist and has a unique way of combining several genres of music that can impress anyone. He spent last year touring and building his fan base with Kellie Pickler. In the previous years, he has toured and opened for top artists such as Billy Currington, Kip Moore, Casey James, and Jana Kramer. Cale is the "real deal" from his charming personality and looks to his striking voice.

Cale spent most of his life growing up on the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, GA. At 22, he relocated to Nashville, where he really fell in love with music and the atmosphere. Dodds stated that, "Nashville hooked me right away...The creative energy and the collaborations that were happening all around me made me hungry for that, whatever "that" was!" He started his musical journey at a young age and is on his way to being one of Nashville's greatest artists. Cale's passion and love for music really speaks strongly in his heartfelt lyrics.

All Cale's hard work and dedication is paying off rather nicely which makes it easy to see why Justin is beyond thrilled to have him on our team. He is a one of a kind artist and we're anxious to see just how far he will go! Be sure to support our most recent "One to Watch," Cale Dodds, by "liking" him on Facebook. We know our Justin fans will be hooked instantly on his new hits just like we are. Check out some of his new singles "Wild and Reckless" or "Long Night" at www.caledodds.com .

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Share Your Boot Story-Reliable, All-purpose Workboots I purchased my Justin standard work boots in January 2001 in El Paso, TX, size 10 while I was stationed there in the military. In the past 4,750 days I have owned these amazing boots I have worn them at least 2,500 days. They have tilled, plowed, hunted, fished, flown airplanes, held me up at the bar, road Harley Davidson's, and generally thrilled men and women throughout the world. I now work as a contract pilot overseas and  wear them on a daily basis. They have been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and even horseback riding in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains of Kyrgyztan. They even started on fire at a fire pit in Kabul. They provided my feet with extreme comfort at every opportunity. They have dressed up with me and they have dressed down with me; work or casual is a no small feat for these footwear. I always took the appropriate care of saddle soap and mink oil, like new every time. I swear I could run a marathon in these boots and have often thought of doing this.  I loved them, they loved me.  Fit my foot like a well fitted glove. After 13 years of dedicated service time grew the better of them. The soles were worn to the core and finally the entire tread separated from the boot. I immediately conducted surgery on them with the use of "Shoe Goop" to adhere the sole back to the boot and a vice grip; it was horrible to watch and there was a tough several days when I didn't know what would become of them. Sadly, they didn't make it. I buried them on a sunny Tuesday afternoon on my property, the ceremony was glorious. I check the gravesite everyday, flowers, spilt beer like the old days. I know deep inside that they are watching over me. I have many photos of me in my boots that I will forever treasure; and someday we will be together again. Thank you Justin Respectfully,  James   Submitted by:  James from Alabama.  Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy: Confidence in the New Year This time last year, coming back from my femur break, I felt like a rookie again, in the worst ways. I felt uncomfortable, unprepared and it seemed like I had to learn to ride all over again. One year later, I feel stronger, faster and more confident. A new season meant setting aside weatherworn, gear of hard use and the cracking out of new equipment, like the donning of a new skin.
Still battered by a year of hard rodeo on the comeback trail I went to two rodeos at the start of the season in October. To my excitement I rode to the pay window at both, with a first place at Rosenberg, TX and a third at Hempstead, TX.
So far this winter I’ve only ridden in 2 cities, I rode a young horse for 76 at Odessa, and was just shy of placing, then headed to Denver for Colorado versus The World and the National Western Stock Show. In keeping with the new season and the new feeling I had brewing I rode my first horse at Colorado vs. The World with a new bareback riggin’ from Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment and a new pair of Peanut Iguana skin Justin boots. I was 84 in that first round, then 81 in the next, not enough to win the competition but enough for a check.

I then rode in the first two performances of the NWSS, my 83 in go round one and 80 in go round 2 were enough to make it back 3rd place for the short round. Having never made it back to Denver short round before I felt a mile high compared to last year when I had to doctor release out of the rodeo due to leg and pelvis issues. My 82 in the short round wasn’t enough to win, but it held me in the average for a check and after the weekend. With my placings so far this year I’ve accumulated $4734, which puts me 7th in the Bareback Riding World standings, my best start to the year to date.

With plenty of season left I am confident and excited for all the rides and rodeos to come as I vie for that glorious position among the top 15 in December.

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Share Your Boot Story-Justin's go to Madagascar I go to a small work college, and bought my first pair of Justin's to protect my feet while doing construction on campus. Little did I know, that a year later, they would serve as a barrier between my feet and a whole host of ghastly things lurking on the forest floors and city streets of Madagascar. During my time abroad I encountered: nipping feral dogs, 4 inch cactus spines, leeches falling from trees, the all too frequent pile of human feces, and the dreaded parasy (a parasite that burrows, and lays eggs in the tips of human toes). While the feet of my Chaco-wearing friends succumbed to these horrors, mine remained safely laced in my steel toed Justin’s. It was not my intention to wear my boots every day I was there, but my sandals fell apart one week into the trip and I had no means of replacing them. My Justin's held up remarkably well for four months of being dragged on rocky trails, subjected to tropical humidity and frequently submerged in salt water. By the end of the trip, my feet were calloused and blistered, but nothing made it's home in my skin and my boots seemed remarkably unscathed. Now, almost two years later I have walked holes through the soles of both of my boots and am looking for a place to send them for repairs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I would love to have them fixed for my next tropical adventure.Thanks for reading, and JB, keep up the good work.Please don't judge me based on the length of my shorts, it was really hot. Submitted by:  Marshall from Asherville, North Carolina.  Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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Ones to Watch- Casey Weston
We are excited to announce this month's JustinAmerica country artist, Casey Weston, as our, "One to Watch". She has opened for Top 40 and Country acts such as John Anderson, Justin Moore, Craig Morgan and James Otto. Casey was one of the 8 finalists for TV's The Voice, and continues to increase her audience by playing in venues and festivals all over the country. Casey's future is looking very promising in both songwriting and singing.

Born and raised in Naples, Florida, Casey is now fulfilling her dream in Nashville. Not only does she love to sing and write, but she has a strong passion in educating herself in different areas of music. She has worked with several outstanding song writers in Los Angeles, but primarily most of the magic is made in Nashville. She states that, "the dynamics are amazing when a creative group of songwriters get together. The room just buzzes." Casey is very grateful for the opportunities she has received along with the love and support from family, friends and, of course, her fans.

JustinAmerica is proud to have an opportunity to place such a passionate artist in our spotlight. After being introduced to Justin's new star, Casey Weston, we're sure you're impatiently waiting to hear this talented new artist. Go listen to Casey's new release "Find The Moon" on her webpage www.caseyweston.com and don't forget to "like" her on Facebook!

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Share Your Boot Story- Unopened Christmas Present   I bought my wife a pair of Justin boots to slip on real quick while she was letting our dogs outside. I wrapped them nicely and placed them under our tree 4 days ago. On Christmas Eve, while we were gone, our house caught fire and destroyed everything. I was able to find part of the boots and showed her. She was so thankful even though they were beyond wearable. I know it's not the type of story you're looking for on here but it made her happy and in turn put a smile on both our faces. We took a picture of it so we can have at least one good memory of us on Christmas. Submitted by: Josh Lammers from Cincinnati, Ohio. Got a neat story behind your Justin Boots? Click here to share for a chance to win a new pair!

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